Capitalize on Digital Audio and Video Consumption Trends with an Effective Advertising Strategy

Discover the power of digital audio and video advertising in connecting with your desired audience.

April 30, 2024
1 PM EDT / 11 AM MDT / 10 AM PDT

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Director of Sales
Karl Mukaz is serving as the Director of Sales, Emerging & Scaled, North America at Spotify. With five years of dedicated service to the company, he has been driving sales initiatives across our programmatic, direct and Ads Manager channels. Karl's expertise lies in fostering growth opportunities and maximizing revenue streams within the dynamic digital media landscape.

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Client Partner
Stephanie Tanz is a Client Partner on the Emerging & Scaled team at Spotify. With focus on collaborative partnerships, she works closely with businesses of all sizes to develop tailored advertising strategies rooted in data-driven insights and compelling storytelling. Stephanie consistently drives growth for her clients and enhances brand visibility in today's competitive marketplace.

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Sales Engineer
Melissa Fiorillo is a seasoned Sales Engineer with a proven track record in digital marketing. With over 7 years of industry experience, she has an eye for detail and a talent for crafting innovative strategies that propel businesses towards their goals. Melissa's expertise lies in leveraging the latest technologies and trends to deliver impactful results for her clients.

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Learn more about :

Basics of Digital Audio

The concept of digital audio and video advertising and its advantages. 

Audio Trends

Current trends shaping digital audio and video advertising strategies. 

Audience Targeting

Utilizing audience targeting capabilities to reach your ideal customer.

Amplify your Marketing

How to integrate digital audio advertising in your marketing strategy to drive results.


Why is Digital Audio a Must Have in
Your Marketing Mix?

Rising Audio Consumption


$12.8B USD
The global audio advertising market is set to grow to $12.82B USD by 2027 with a 6.07% annual growth rate.

Drives Engagement


75% of audio listeners clicked on an ad when integrated with their preferred audio.


Reach your Target Audience


21% of working-age internet users worldwide listen to podcasts for over an hour daily.


Postmedia is your Audio Expert

Postmedia connects advertisers, brands, and agencies to the world's best audio content providers like Spotify with more than 602 million users


Canada's Audience Experts

 As experts in audience engagement, Postmedia collaborates with you to gain insight into your business, establish objectives, and execute a strategic digital audio advertising plan that aligns with your budget.

Proven Expertise

Our team of professionals will enhance the reach of your ads by targeting the appropriate audience at the right moment, crafting impactful audio advertisements to enhance credibility, increase awareness, and position your business for success.


For Businesses Big and Small

Postmedia's skilled marketing professionals can create comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy tailored to a wide range of clients, from established brands to emerging local businesses.

Postmedia Network

Postmedia is a nationwide news media company reaching over 17 million Canadians every month on 130+ brands. We are trusted, credible, and brand friendly. Our extensive 1st party data and portfolio of marketing solutions offer customized campaigns that drive sales. By leveraging powerful data insights, we optimize your ROI and enhance performance at every stage of your customer’s buying journey. We seamlessly integrate the right strategy to effectively align with your objectives, brand identity, target audience, and overall reach. Our impressive portfolio, comprehensive range of solutions, and extensive audience data all reinforce our unwavering dedication to producing effective advertising solutions for our valued customers

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